Thursday, September 29, 2011

This is the third day after the pipe cleaners were taken out. It really just kept getting better. I would definately do it again. I kept them in for about a week and an half. I could have went longer but I needed to wash my hair. The curls just kept falling and looking like waves. I really enjoyed the style. Thanks to the reader of my blog that suggested pipe cleaners. At this point I am not going to cut my locks. I seriously thought about it one day and it hit me as to what I would do with my hair if I did not have locks. Straight styles are out of the question. So I would definately still be natural. The fact that I would have to cut my hair back down to a teeny weeny afro was another reason I decided to wait. LOL One day I will but not right now. Stay blessed! :-)

First Day Sans Pipe Cleaners

These are pics of me on the first day I took the pipe cleancers out. Unfortunately I just have pics of me with people. the hair is not really show cased. But I picked the pics that show the hair the best. I really liked it!

These are pics of my hair the second day the pipe cleaners were taken out. Still in love with the style.

Pipe Cleaners

In a previous post I had mentioned that I was getting a little bored with the length of my hair and that I was considering cutting my locks out. Someone commented that I should try pipe cleaners as a sytle option. Well I did and these pics are the result. I wore the pipe cleaners for a couple of days and then I took them out. The pics really don't do the style justice. I really liked it and received a lot of compliments. In my next post I will show pics of what it looked like when I took them out.