Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My friends 10yr old locks

My locked friend. She has been growning her locks for 10 years. They are so soft and beautiful!!!

My Creation

I got tired of all my hair hanging on my back nad neck. So I grabbed a good portion of my hair and I twisted like I was wringing it out. I kept twisting until I reached the bottom. Then I twirled it around its self and pinned it with bobbie pins. It only took about 5-6 bobbie pins. I purposly put it to the side to give it some flare. After I was done I liked it. It took some of the hair off my back and it was cute! As you can see I still had quite a bit of hair still hanging down though. My Bun was huge but cute. LOL I created this in about 5 min. I do my best work when I don't think about it and just do it.


This is a braid out I did around October of 2011. I never braid my hair right after washing. I wait until it is completely dry then I spray it with water as I braid because it cuts down on the drying time. I only use water for braid outs. With this braid out I braided my hair fairly large to get a more wavy look