Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lint, My Favorite Throw & Sisterlocks

Well, I have a bit of a dilemma. I have a throw that I absolutely love. It is so soft and keeps you warm but not too hot. Everyday after a long day at work and school I curl up with it and read or look at TV right before I go to sleep. But to my dismay I was informed by my consultant that it leaves red lint in my locks! I had not noticed before, but after she told me I started to notice the red lint.

What is a girl to do. I mean look how comfy I look. I have become quite fond of this throw. To the point my family teases me. I don't care about their little comments, but I do care about my Sisterlocks! I just had to blog about this cause I needed to get it off my chest and it involved my Sisterlocks. My choice is this, either I am going to have to renounce my favorite throw or wear one of those hideous non sexy bonnets to bed. Sexy for the DH is very important. looks like good bye comfy throw :'-( Hey maybe I will be able to find a black one!!! Thanks for listening.

Until next time.....keep smiling

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beauty, Individuality & Sisterlocked Sisters

My Sisterlocked Sister met me for after work drinks. While we were out I took pics of her hair. With her permission I have posted her pics for your viewing pleasure. I will admit it......I have a little lock envy going on here! LOL! I mean just look at her perfect uniform locks! It is hard to believe that our lock anniversaries are only 1 month apart. She was locked in Oct. 06, me in Nov. 06 and our hair was pretty much the same length. Just goes to show you how different every body's locks are. That is what I love about Sisterlocks. They give you your own individual style and beauty.

Just take a look at my hair on the same day.

It is longer, no way near as uniform. Most of my ends are still loose where nearly all of hers are closed. Gosh it is taking my hair so long to lock. That is one of the things I love about her hair, it locked much quicker than mine. But you know I must admit that I love the differences. I love my locks and I love hers too. Both are beautiful to me.
I had a ball hanging out with my Sisterlocked Sister. We had fun, fun, fun!

Until next time, Love, Peace and Blessings!

Friday, May 9, 2008

18 Months & The Ponytail Set

I tried the pony tail set that Salkis Re demonstrated.

I liked it. It turned out pretty good. It definitely cut the drying time way down. I only stayed under the dryer for about 45 min. My hair is fairly thick so I usually have to stay under the dryer about a hour and a half when I use the perm rods and 2 hours with soft spikes. The ones you see hanging off the side are short locks that kept coming out of the ponytail so I just rolled them up. I think it will look better once my hair grows a little more.
What I liked most about it is that it gave it the look that usually takes 2 days for the curls to fall. I had curls but they were not too tight. I will definitely be doing this again. What a time saver!! Thanks Salkis Re!! It seems like my hair was longer last month. I believe that it is shrinking which is good. Cause I believe that means it is finally locking more. I believe that only about 70% of my hair is locked.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tomoka Twist & The Peace Lilly

They are both so pretty to me!! The Tomoka Twist is the biggity bomb! I absolutely love it!! The pics really do not do it justice. It has little rings around the ornaments. So it looks so rich to me. Like a real piece of jewelry in my hair. I love silver so when I saw she had a silver one I just had to have it. I love my peace lilly as well. It sits in my kitchen. I really do not have a green thumb and I almost killed it last year, so to see the pretty blooms warms my heart. I hope you enjoy the pics of it as much as I do when I come home and look at it everyday. May 1st was my 18 month anniversary but there is not much difference in my hair. In the pics I am doing my favorite free style. Click on the pics to get a more detailed look. Enjoy and have peace and blessings!!!!