Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Youngest Re-tightening Client

Although I have not put in a full installation since taking the Sisterlocks class, I have been keeping my skills sharp by doing re-tightings. Below is my youngest client. She was 4 when I first started her. But in the 5 months that I have been doing her hair she has turned 5. With her mother's permission I decided to showcase her on my blog. Introducing, Ms. Nataliea! Isn't she just the cutest!

She has soft hair that crawls, but it is coming right along. I think everyone that I know with sisterlocks had their hair lock before mine did. If my memory is correct, I believe her locks are about a year. I did not start locking until after 2 years. This is us after 6 hours of re-tightening. It takes a bit longer because of many, many,many breaks and that fact that she is really tender headed. She is a joy though. You just have to love her! And hear locks are gorgeous!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3 years & 3 months

Happy New Years!!!! I have been soooooo busy that I have just neglected my meager blog. I mean I am not very deep and informational like some of the blogs I have seen (and oh how I love those blogs :->)but I do at least like to show pics of the progress of may hair! So with out further ado hear are a few shots of me recently.
*Note: 3 years & 3 months was 11-1-09, but close enough eh?)

New Years Day
Freshly washed about to put in a dark brown rinse

New Years Eve
Updo! (same wet set from Christmas day)

Day before Christmas lookin a bit tired. This is a pic where my hair looks better than me!
Keep your eyes on the HAIR! LOL! (same wet set from Christmas day)

Christmas Day (wet set on sponge rollers, spritzed dry hair with water before rolling each section)