Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tomoka Twist & The Peace Lilly

They are both so pretty to me!! The Tomoka Twist is the biggity bomb! I absolutely love it!! The pics really do not do it justice. It has little rings around the ornaments. So it looks so rich to me. Like a real piece of jewelry in my hair. I love silver so when I saw she had a silver one I just had to have it. I love my peace lilly as well. It sits in my kitchen. I really do not have a green thumb and I almost killed it last year, so to see the pretty blooms warms my heart. I hope you enjoy the pics of it as much as I do when I come home and look at it everyday. May 1st was my 18 month anniversary but there is not much difference in my hair. In the pics I am doing my favorite free style. Click on the pics to get a more detailed look. Enjoy and have peace and blessings!!!!


Anonymous said...

The Tomoka Twist looks good on you. I purchased one some time ago and just can't seem to make it work on me...sigh.. Maybe I just need to wait until my hair gets a bit more length..?

The plant's blooms are beautiful. I would never know there was a point it was approaching death. Looks like you have a green thumb after all..

Naturally Sophia said...

I like the Tomoka Twists on you. The plant is nice. I don't have much of a green thumb either. Once I move to Miami, I hope to have lots of tropical plants.

CarmenNC said...

The biggity bomb, lmao. I love it. Your hair looks wonderful and you wear SL65 CTT very well. I don't think I ever explained CTT - Carmen's Tomoka's Twists. The SL65 is from a Mercedes. Thank you so much for blogging and sharing pictures.