Friday, May 9, 2008

18 Months & The Ponytail Set

I tried the pony tail set that Salkis Re demonstrated.

I liked it. It turned out pretty good. It definitely cut the drying time way down. I only stayed under the dryer for about 45 min. My hair is fairly thick so I usually have to stay under the dryer about a hour and a half when I use the perm rods and 2 hours with soft spikes. The ones you see hanging off the side are short locks that kept coming out of the ponytail so I just rolled them up. I think it will look better once my hair grows a little more.
What I liked most about it is that it gave it the look that usually takes 2 days for the curls to fall. I had curls but they were not too tight. I will definitely be doing this again. What a time saver!! Thanks Salkis Re!! It seems like my hair was longer last month. I believe that it is shrinking which is good. Cause I believe that means it is finally locking more. I believe that only about 70% of my hair is locked.


Kinky Awakenings said...

oh, i like that...a lot!


Lakia said...

that roller set came out really pretty

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!!

SeZ said...

Watch out now sexy mama :-)
Your locs look wonderful.

NappTown said...

Thank you ladies1 Y'all know I have much love for ya! Stay blessed and beautiful!

Aya said...