Thursday, May 15, 2008

Beauty, Individuality & Sisterlocked Sisters

My Sisterlocked Sister met me for after work drinks. While we were out I took pics of her hair. With her permission I have posted her pics for your viewing pleasure. I will admit it......I have a little lock envy going on here! LOL! I mean just look at her perfect uniform locks! It is hard to believe that our lock anniversaries are only 1 month apart. She was locked in Oct. 06, me in Nov. 06 and our hair was pretty much the same length. Just goes to show you how different every body's locks are. That is what I love about Sisterlocks. They give you your own individual style and beauty.

Just take a look at my hair on the same day.

It is longer, no way near as uniform. Most of my ends are still loose where nearly all of hers are closed. Gosh it is taking my hair so long to lock. That is one of the things I love about her hair, it locked much quicker than mine. But you know I must admit that I love the differences. I love my locks and I love hers too. Both are beautiful to me.
I had a ball hanging out with my Sisterlocked Sister. We had fun, fun, fun!

Until next time, Love, Peace and Blessings!


golden_08 said...

You two look great and looks like you are at one of my favorite hangouts...Centaur Bar! I would love to meet more sisterlocked sistahs in the D! Every time I come home people say "oh, that's a southern thing." I wish they only knew that the founder is from DETROIT!

Anonymous said...

You guys both have beautiful Sisterlocks.

Allecia said...

You both look great. I'm loving your curls.

NappTown said...

meikmeika and allecia - thnx so much for the compliments!

golden_8 - thnx for the compliment. Being founded in the D has meaning. Detroit has a lot of flava and tenacity. I am in the D via Indianapolis. When I go home now it is kinda boring. But if you ever run into a Hoosier you did not hear that from me!! LOL! You have a good eye. Yes we were at Centaur Bar. That is one of my favorite spots too. I would love to meet more sisterlocked sistah's as well. So the next time you are coming home drop a line and we can make it happen!

Naturally Sophia said...

You both look great. I do feel that no head of Sisterlocks are alike and everyone brings their own pizazz to it.

Aya said...

I think you both have beautiful locks. I enjoyed the pictures much.